Welcome to Sapporo International University

“Self-reliance” “Freedom” “Self-reflection”
Fostering students to think, to take action, and to reflect individually
Sapporo International University values human development with a spirit of acceptance, self-reliance, and self-reflection, and fosters international citizens who can contribute to the development of the local community. Diverse personalities come together at the university. As a result, students can obtain a well-rounded education. We aim to nurture "People who can connect people".



Department of Tourism Business

On top of learning about the basis of the tourism fields such as travel, accomodation and aviation, students will hone their business and management skills, to adapt to the development of the international tourism business. The course features a comprehensive and practical learning environment provided through a variety of classes, fieldworks, and internships. The department also focuses on the development of international human resources.



Department of Liberal Arts and Global Studies

The Department of Liberal Arts and Global Studies provides an education in the fundementals of humanities such as history, culture and language, from a global perspective and through hands-on experience. By stepping out of the university environment and interacting with a diverse range of people in the society, students will improve their communication skills and acquire the solidality to live independently.

Clinical Psychology Program

Department of Psychology - Clinical Psychology Program

By acquiring specialized knowledge of psychology, including the functions and mechanisms of the mind,
students will develop a perspective that leads to an understanding of the human mind and assistance. Students can improve communication skills, which opens up the possibility of being active in society, and can also lead to a career as a clinical psychologist, such as a counselor working in the field of education or medical care.

Child Psychology Program

Department of Psychology - Child Psychology Program

By studying education and childcare based on psychology, students gain a deeper understanding of children's minds and acquire the ability to provide appropriate support. In addition, the university's spacious campus and facilities, surrounded by nature, provide many fields where you can work with children, and you can learn practically through volunteer activities as well as practical training. The program aims to nurture high quality human resources with knowledge and skills backed up by such experience and with human abilities.


Sports Business

Department of Sports Business

The program trains students to acquire business knowledge and, based on this knowledge, to contribute to solving various issues related to sports and health and to contributing to the community. We provide an environment that allows students to experience various sports and health-related business settings and explore business opportunities in the field of sports and health, which has great potential.

Sports Instruction

Department of Sports Instruction

The program aims to develop human resources who can learn specialized knowledge and skills related to sports and health, and who can conduct better practical activities in school education and sports facilities. In addition, the program aims to develop basic skills to solve various issues related to health and sports in local communities.


Human development and Career Studies

Department of Human development and Career Studies

We emphasize visualization and planning of learning through "department standards" and "unit system" in order for students to acquire solid skills for independent living in two years. We prepare an educational environment that supports students to broaden their perspectives and make choices toward their desired future through real-life experiences such as group work in projects, internships, and fieldworks in Japan and abroad. We aim to improve student's practical skills as a professional and as a person in daily life.

Early Childhood Education and Childcare

Department of Early Childhood Education and Childcare

Students can learn the theories and techniques of childcare that assist children's growth and development while checking their learning progress step by step. In addition, the consistent curriculum offers not only interesting classes but also highly specialized classes. If you have a love for children, you can become a professional in childcare from a beginner because our teachers carefully guide you in an orderly fashion.



Graduate School of Tourism

One of the main features of our graduate school is our comprehensive research into various issues of tourism. We approach a variety of tourism issues such as tourism culture, tourism stimulation, and tourism project/campaign through various perspectives: sociology, geography, history, management studies and psychology. All those who are interested in promoting tourism are welcomed. Students can carry out research with their individual instructors. We open our doors wide to students interested in the various issues of tourism and provide individual guidance.


Graduate School of Psychology

We provide a practical program with students to explore clinical psychology with experienced clinical instructors, in order that they can become professional psychotherapists upon graduation. We aim to train psychotherapists who can meet current needs including relieving concern and anxiety caused by living in modern society. After graduating from graduate school, you will be eligible to take the “licensed psychotherapist” exam.

Sports and Health Guidance

Graduate School of Sports and Health Guidance

Students learn scientific theory, teaching skills and practical theory related to health maintenance and promotion by sports. The main goal is to train students to become sports instructors with practical teaching skills. This graduate school cooperates with local governments and public interest groups for promoting public health and sports in Hokkaido in order to widen students’ practical knowledge of the current situation of health and sports in local societies.


Japanese courses by level are developed to support international students in their Japanese language studies. These courses can be added to graduation requirements. A placement test is held at the beginning of each semester and students can be placed in classes that suit their levels. In addition, Business Japanese classes are offered to support internship and job hunting in Japan.

Level Frequency Course content
Twice a week N2 equivalent level
Comprehensive study of grammar, listening, reading and conversation.
Advanced Twice a week Advanced Japanese
Study of report and essay writing.
Business Japanese Once a week This class is designed to prepare students for the Business Japanese Test (BJT).
This class is for students who want to find a job in Japan.
Brush-up class Once a week This class is designed to prepare students for the JLPT N2 or N1 test.
This is a compulsory course for international students who do not have JLPT N2.