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Here are some messages from alumnus who have gone on to graduate school to further their professional knowledge or to work in Japan after graduation. We hope you will find it helpful to know what kind of life you can lead after graduating from Sapporo Kokusai University.




Faculty of Humanities - Department of Psychology - Clinical Psychology Program


After majoring in finance in my home country, I decided to study a different major, psychology, at Sapporo International University. While broadening my perspective through "Practical Psychology I & II" course and the Takano Seminar, where I gained the ability to consider and analyze through practice, I also made good progress in my job search and had a chance to become a member of a company that is developing business in China. Nitori, headquartered in Sapporo, is a company with great ambitions to establish 100 stores in China by 2023. Having studied finance, psychology, and linguistics in China and Japan, I am convinced that I am an asset to the furniture retailer's overseas expansion. I think one of the reasons I won the interview was because I researched the company thoroughly. 

Employment records

  • FJ.Hotel Co., Ltd.
  • Tsuruga Group
  • Daiichi Takimotokan
  • NITORI Holdings Co., Ltd.
  • Manseikaku Corporation
  • Infiniti Co., Ltd.
  • Sapporo Legent Golf Club
  • Ven Group
  • Hokkaido University Hospital
  • Noguchi Kanko Group
  • Hotel WBF Group
  • City Building Service Sapporo
  • Able View Health Care Co., Ltd.
  • HOUSE Innovation Co., Ltd.
  • Hoshino Resorts Inc.
  • J_TECH Inc.
  • A-C-B Co., Ltd.
  • Sougo Career Option Co.,Ltd.
  • Sapporo International University

Higher education institution records

  • Graduate school of Sapporo International University
  • Graduate school of Hokkaido University
  • Graduate school of Naruto University of Education
  • Graduate school of Kokushikan University
  • Graduate school of Sapporo Gakuin University
  • Graduate school of Hollywood University
  • Chuo Gakuin University
  • Graduate school of Komazawa University
  • Graduate school of Ritsumeikan University